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About Climb Experience


Greenville University and SCORE International have partnered to bring you a life-changing educational and ministry opportunity. Climb Experience is a semester abroad experience in the Dominican Republic that offers students an immersive educational experience while earning college credits.

Bridging the gap between traditional classroom learning and real life ministry experience, students will have the opportunity to serve and engage with the culture of the Dominican Republic, grow in their faith, build a great foundation for college and the groundwork for managing a non-profit ministry.

Our Campus

Enjoy your stay at our beautiful facilities in Juan Dolio that include student living apartments, dining commons, classrooms, pool access, community lounge areas, and more- all within a 5-minute walk to the beach. The campus is under 24/7 security and you will live in community with on site missionaries and faculty members who desire to serve and support your growth.

Kyle Sunderland

Program Director

Meet the Director

Kyle is a graduate of Greenville University now completing his masters degree. Kyle is fluent in Spanish and has valuable experience in living abroad. As director of this program, he will be in charge of facilitating personal growth and cultural immersion for our students.

“I personally know the value of this kind of opportunity and will use my experience and knowledge to nurture the same spiritual and personal growth in the lives of these students that I have experienced in my own life. Join me in Juan Dolio and let’s see what God has in store for you.”

– Kyle Sunderland

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must students be to attend The Climb Experience?

Students must be at least eighteen years old.

Do you accept students from any country for The Climb Experience?

Yes. We accept international students. You just need to verify English language proficiency. Either you have earned a degree from an English-speaking country, or you have taken a standardized test. Official test score reports must be sent directly from the Testing Service (ETS/IELTS) to Greenville International Admissions.

• International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) – Score: 6.5

• Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Score: Internet Based – 79, Essentials – 9

• Pearson Test in English (PTE) – Score: 53

• Duolingo English Test (DET) – Score: 110

• International TEST of English Proficiency (ITEP) – Score: 3.9

Is there financial aid available to help me attend The Climb Experience?

Yes! You will be admitted as a student of Greenville University. As a student of GU, if you fill out the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid), you will be entitled to applicable federal and state scholarships. GU also offers The Climb Experience Character Scholarship.

How do I apply for scholarships?

To make this semester possible for you, we are offering a Character Scholarship that can get you up to $2,000 off of the total price of the program. This scholarship will simply be an interview with the Program Director. To apply for this Scholarship and view the questions, visit and schedule a time to meet with Kyle. Spots are filling up so apply now to get early access to Scholarships!

How safe will I be there?

The SCORE compound, in which students will be staying is in a very safe part of Juan Dolio and has security guards employed at the compound who stand guard 24/7 for preventative measures. In the 25 years SCORE has conducted ministry trips, they have never had an incident with student safety. There will be safety rules that students must follow on and off campus and will be accompanied and escorted anytime they go into the city. This is a safe culture that is welcoming to tourists and guests, and students will be made aware of cultural differences and preparedness measures to ensure their safety. Guidelines for safety and regulations will be provided with students at orientation upon arriving.

Do I have to know Spanish to attend?

No prerequisite is required. Accepted students will take a language assessment to help us know where students understand the language. (link to assessment:

Beginning students will have language support and extra help available. More advanced students will be challenged through our immersive experiences and have abundant opportunities to apply their language skills and improve.

If my goal is full-time ministry, will this help me?

Yes. You will experience ministries of all kinds in the Dominican Republic that give you a glimpse of mission’s work and serving those in need. You will understand their needs and learn best practices to help them run efficiently. If missions work is something you want to pursue, ministry and theology education is available at Greenville University and abundant connections and starting opportunities will be available upon graduation. Score International and Greenville work together to provide both education and opportunity for students to make full-time ministry a possibility.

If my goal is college, will this help me?

Yes. You will earn 15 college credits from 5 college level classes. Along with receiving credits, you will have the chance to experience the pace and level of a college classroom in a nontraditional education. Writing skills, critical thinking, and group work will be implemented at a college level to challenge students and help prepare them for campus life.

Are these credits transferable to any institution?

These credits will transfer directly to Greenville University as gen-ed courses. If you desire to attend another institution after your semester abroad, that institution will examine the course descriptions for transfer credit. The classes are gen eds so it is up to the institution to determine if their material can be covered by the content of the courses.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend The Climb Experience?

To attend The Climb Experience, you will be required to read and sign a faith statement that expresses our value for Christ, His work, and His service to others. You do not need to be a Christian to start this journey, but we ask that you go into this semester with an open mind and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow in your faith.

Are there rules I will have to follow?

There is a lifestyle statement aligned with the values of Greenville University and SCORE International Ministries that must sign and follow. For your personal growth and safety, you must read and sign the statement.

What does my price include?

Your total price includes your housing, food, coursework, and all excursions organized by Climb while in Juan Dolio. Your total price does not include your cost of textbooks, flights to and from the DR, and additional spending money you wish to bring for extra gifts, food, or experiences.

How will I get my textbooks?

Your class information will open on an electronic system entitled D2L (Desire to Learn) in advance of when your in-person classes begin in the DR. We will allow ample time for you to get your textbooks and bring them with you or ship them to Juan Dolio for the start of classes.

What does a day in the life of a student look like?

Students will begin their day together with breakfast in the dining commons. Depending on the day, students will either have classes or excursions in the afternoon. Everyone will eat lunch and dinner together at the SCORE compound or off site if we have activities. Evenings are free time except when we have scheduled excursions, ministry visits, or service projects. Additional activities will be available during free time if students choose to take part in small groups, movie nights, game nights, pool time, trips to the beach, or other fun plans.

Prepared to Grow.
Empowered to Serve.

You may not know exactly what you want to do with your life, but you know you want to make a difference in the world. At The Climb Experience, you’ll become a part of a culture, further your education, do ministry, serve and love people, and grow as a person.

Prepared to Grow.
Empowered to Serve.

You may not know exactly what you want to do with your life, but you know you want to make a difference in the world. At The Climb Experience, you’ll become a part of a culture, further your education, do ministry, serve and love people, and grow as a person.

Go beyond the classroom

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