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Immersive Learning

The Climb Experience combines non-traditional classroom learning with practical application in the community of Juan Dolio. Participants take five courses (15 credits) through Greenville University with transferable credits, fostering a comprehensive educational experience.


Climb Experience offers five classes credited from Greenville University. Aligned with the immersive learning, students will take two courses in person with an adjunct professor. These courses include:


SPAN 101- Intro to Spanish

This college level beginner’s Spanish course will help students to learn or relearn the basics of the language and help them to apply it in their everyday life living in the Dominican Republic. The course will help students to understand the structure of Spanish while also learning about aspects of the culture they are living in.

BIBL 199 - Reading the Gospels

This Bible course has been created to help students learn how to read the Gospels and understand their significance to the Christian faith as well as how to share it with others. Learning this information will allow students to apply it in the ministry work they do and share this good news with the global kingdom.

To aid with credit transferability, the other three courses will be offered online through Greenville University. Climb Experience students will be able to choose these classes with an academic advisor who will help them select classes that will be beneficial for them according to their degree plan or major. Students in the program will continue to meet for study tables to get their online work done will receive assistance as needed.

Go beyond the classroom

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